Mom Tri หม่อมตรี

Mom Tri is short for Mom Luang (an honorary title) Tridhosyuth Devakul is a loving father, Phuket’s known pioneer, Business Entrepreneur, Eminence architect, Innovative educator, and an artist full of creativity. Wok Gallery of Modern Art & Cuisine, a gallery and a gourmet restaurant, is receiving his most recent creativity sparks. The cuisine is treated by Mom Tri as artistic creation just as in “Painting in Steels”. Not only is Mom Tri’s Gallery Kitchen itself is marvellous the view from the top of Kata Hill overlooks the Chalong bay with the turquoise vast ocean is to die for. Not to mention the cuisine served are a perfected dish from his many experiments

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Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Mom Tri’s Kitchen has long been a successful fine dining restaurant. Serving excellent food, excellent service, and excellent wine with the Andaman’s sea view.

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Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

Mom Tri’s Villa Royale was originally built from his summer house now open as a luxury boutique resort, a home away from home for all.

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The School

Mom Tri also has many various other architectural projects. One of his dedication also includes being an educator, being the founder of an international school (excepting boarding and day students) in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai.

The school

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